Blackberry 9900 Autoloader / Firmware


The Blackberry 9900 Firmware often referred to as Blackberry Autoloader is used for flashing a soft or hard bricked blackberry phone, the autoloader can also be used for removing viruses or phone malfunction.

Blackberry 9900 Autoloader / Firmware

Below is the download link for Blackberry 9900 Autoloader.

Autoloader 9900


How to flash Blackberry 9900 Autoloader 

Follow the below steps to flash Blackberry 9900
  1. Download and Blackberry Desktop Manager 
  2. Download Blackberry Autoloader above in the download section 
  3. Get an Original USB Cable 
  4. Open the Autolader you have download 
  5. Connect the phone to PC with the USB cable, doesn't matter if the phone is switched Off or On

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