J5TECH Printing, CyberCafe, Training & Computer Services

Your one-stop for all Printings such as Large Format, Plastic ID Cards, Cyber Cafe, Printing, Training, Computer Services & Many more.
J5TECH Printing, CyberCafe, Training & Computer Services

Our Services

You'll discover all of the most up-to-date services we offer below:

Large Format
Large Format Printing, such as; Flex Banners, Billboards, Reflective Banners, SAV, Car Branding, Windows Graphics etc.
Training & Tutorials
We train students and post tutorials in a variety of courses, including basics in computer skills, graphic design, internet usage, and video editing.
Plastic ID Cards
High quality plastic ID cards.
Rollup Banners
We sell roll-up banner stands and also provide printing services for them.
Cars, Shirts, Caps and Mugs Branding
Internet Services & CyberCafe
We provide internet services such as; NYSC Registration, Online Applications, Jobs Application and Many more...

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