How to Unlock Huawei E618 Modem / Router

In this guide I will explain how to unlock Huawei E618 Modem/Router, there are lots of methods and tools for unlocking Huawei modems/router especially Huawei E618, e.g. of these tools/dongles are MKEY, Dc Unlocker, UMT, etc. but the disadvantages of these tools are; they are expensive, requires unlock credit, and also you will need to subscribe yearly in order to use it.

Also, there are also free methods of unlocking modems/routers these include; unlocked firmware flashing, calculating unlock code using free tools but if you aren’t sure of the firmware to flash or unlock code to use, you’ll end-up bricking the device. check List of Huawei Supported Models

In this guide, I’ll be explaining two methods of unlocking Huawei E618

METHOD 1 - Unlock Code Service

Follow the below steps to get the unlock code for Huawei E618

  1. Open the modem/router cover
  2. Copy down the IMEI written on the stick on the modem.
  3. Insert a locked carrier sim card, e.g if the modem is locked to Airtel, insert Etisalat Sim card.
  4. Contact me via CONTACT US for an unlock code.
  5. Power on/Connect the MiFi to PC and launch the modem’s dashboard.
  6. Input the code sent to you via WhatsApp to unlock the modem.

METHOD 2 - Remote Service Unlock

Follow the below steps to unlock Huawei E618 using the remote method

This unlock method is done remotely. The user needs to provide some info and also make sure the below is intact:

  1. Insert a locked carrier sim card, e.g if the modem is locked to Airtel, insert Etisalat Sim card.
  2. If the router has a battery make sure it is charged.
  3. Install AnyDesk or TeamViewer on your PC
  4. Copy and send the Modem’s Model, IMEI, and AnyDesk or Teamviewer ID to the below form Contact US.
  5. Contact me via CONTACT US for the next unlock process.


Make sure to check the List of Huawei Supported Models available for unlocking. 

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