Itel Feature Phones Firmware / Flash files / Stock ROMS

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All Itel Feature Phones Flash Files/ Firmware / Stock ROMS

This a list/collection of Itel Feature phones firmware for download, they are used for flashing or unlocking locked or bricked Itel feature phones.

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List of Itel Feature Phones Firmware / Stock ROMS All Model 

Below is a comprehensive list of firmware for Itel feature phone, I will keep adding firmware to this list once new updates are available. 

Itel IT2020

Itel IT2050

Itel IT2060

Itel IT2080

Itel IT2090

Itel IT2100

Itel IT2110

Itel IT2120

Itel IT2130

iTel IT2131

Itel IT2150

Itel IT2160

Itel IT2161

Itel IT2162

Itel IT2163

Itel IT2171

Itel IT2172

Itel IT2180

Itel IT2190

Itel IT2560

Itel 3110

Itel IT3120

Itel IT5010

Itel IT5020

Itel IT5022

Itel IT5023

iTel IT5040

iTel IT5060

Itel IT5050

iTel IT5070

iTel IT5080

Itel IT5081

iTel IT5150 Plus

Itel IT5160

Itel IT5170

Itel IT5180

Itel IT5190

Itel IT5220

Itel IT5231

Itel IT5232

Itel IT5233

iTel IT5250

iTel IT5300

Itel IT5310

Itel IT5320

Itel IT5331

Itel IT5600

Itel IT5601

iTel IT5602

iTel IT5603

iTel IT5605N

iTel IT5606

Itel IT5610

Itel IT5611

Itel IT5612

Itel IT5613

iTel IT5613

Itel it5615

Itel it5616

Itel it5620

Itel it5622

Itel it5623

iTel it5625

ITel it5630

iTel it6110

iTel it6130

iTel it6600

Itel IT6800

Itel IT6900

Itel IT6910

iTel it7100

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