Lenovo custom Download Agent (DA) files


Lenovo custom Download Agent (DA) files

This is a list of Lenovo custom Download Agents (DA) used for flashing, formatting, upgrading, and downloading firmware on Mediatek phones with a secured boot. Scroll down and find your device model or use the comment section to request a download agent for your model so I can send you the link directly.

Lenovo custom Download Agent (DA) links

Lenovo A1960 Auth. sv5 file
Lenovo A1961 Authentication (auth.) sv5 file
Lenovo Andy Authentication (auth.) sv5 file
Lenovo A1010
Lenovo A2016a40, A2016b30, A2016b31
Lenovo A6600D40, A6600A40
Lenovo A7010A48
Lenovo A7700
Lenovo A8-50LC
Lenovo C2 K1S1LA400a40
Lenovo PB2-650M
Lenovo PB2-670M
Lenovo P1MA40
Lenovo S1LA40
Lenovo TB3-X70L, TB3-X70F
Lenovo TB3-730
Lenovo TB-7304F
Lenovo TB-7304I
Lenovo TB3-850M, TB3-850F
Lenovo K8 Plus
Lenovo Tab3 730X

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