How to Unlock ZTE MF190 USB Modem [Free]


If you're reading this post then you have a locked ZTE MF190 USB Modem you would like to unlock, if so then you're in the right place.

On this one, I will be showing you how I unlocked my ZTE MF190 USB Stick Modem.


Once you have the listed requirement above then you're good to go, Download DC Unlocker 2 Client on the requirement Section.

Steps to Unlock ZTE MF190 USB Modem [Free]

Follow the below steps to unlock ZTE MF190 Modem

  1. Insert a different network carrier sim (a locked carrier sim card, for example, if it's an airtel modem insert a Glo sim or MTN).
  2. Connect the modem on PC and install its dashboard software
  3. Open DC - Unlocker you have downloaded.
  4. Select your manufacture type (figure 1 on screenshot)
  1. Select your device model, if not available leave on unknown ZTE Modem
  2. Click on the Search Icon, you will need to click it multiple times until after your device is detected.
  3. If your device is detected you will see your device info (see figure 4 on the screenshot.)
  4. Figure 5 on the above screenshot shows that the modem is locked.
  1. Click unlock (see the above screenshot)
  2. Wait for few seconds and your modem will be unlocked.
  3. You will see the Card successfully unlocked!

That's all you for unlocking ZTE MF190 USB Modem.

Do you have a locked MF190 and couldn't it? No problem post a comment so I can help you.

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  1. I've followed these steps meticulusly but it still asks me to insert supported sim.

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